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Dec 1997/Jan 1998 Volume 2, Number 6


A message from the publisher

In the spring of 2000, the NMLRA withdrew support for Muzzle Blasts Online and the electronic publication ceased adding content.

One of the founder's and current owner has chosen, at his personal expense, to maintain the content for the benefit of the blackpowder community.

Please enjoy.

Editor's Welcome

Welcome to the December/January issue of Muzzle Blasts Online.

In this issue Max Vickery shares his thoughts and gives tips on offhand shooting. Max is an excellent shot--for targets, birds, and game. William Hovey Smith shares his ideas for all of those extra antler and bone parts left over from your recent hunting trip. Fred Stutzenberger gives pointers to get a better fit for your kit gun. Muzzle Loading News has new items and information.

Be sure to check out the association information in this issue including the Black Powder Hall of Fame Applications, NMLRA Postal Matches, and the 1998 Gunsmithing Seminar to be held at Western Kentucky University. We had a great response to the 1997 Postal Matches and the wonderful thing about the program is that you can compete on a national level without leaving your area.

I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season. The past year has brought a few changes to our magazine. Our hope is that the changes have been for the better. The Longhunter Journal is now a regular part of the paper version of this magazine. Our Junior Blasts column is gaining popularity and momentum. We welcome your comments on both versions of our magazine.

Terri Trowbridge,

Director of Publications

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