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Feb 1999/Mar 1999 Volume 4, Number 1


A message from the publisher

In the spring of 2000, the NMLRA withdrew support for Muzzle Blasts Online and the electronic publication ceased adding content.

One of the founder's and current owner has chosen, at his personal expense, to maintain the content for the benefit of the blackpowder community.

Please enjoy.

Editor's Welcome

Hello and welcome to the February/March edition of Muzzle Blasts Online. I hope everyone is keeping warm. We had 9 hearty souls show up in frigid temperatures for the NMLRA Blanket Shoot back in January. All reports indicate that everyone had a great (although chilly) time.

On our cover this month are brothers Matt Cleland and Chad Cleland who hold national championship titles in archery and muzzleloading respectively. Short Starts has a recap of their accomplishments. Chad you will remember, won the first NMLRA Manufacturers' Match in September, 1998. Also this month: John Woolfolk will share Thoughts on the Hunting Rifle with readers; Charlie Maggard gives insight on Flints, Frizzens and Touch Hole Liners; and Parson James Burow suggests ways to make your primitive shelter more fire resistant. We hope you enjoy this issue.

Take care--Terri

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